It's important to ensure that wine is stored properly to ensure maximum enjoyment. Investing in a wine cabinet will allow your wines to mature at a steady, stable rate and prevent them from spoiling.

Liebherr wine cabinets, including the EWTgw3583, offers the ideal storage temperature for wine. With an electronic control cooling system and advanced air conditioning technology, they can ensure your wine is kept at a consistent, precise temperature.

Part of the Vinidor range, this model also combines all of the advantages of wine storage and multi-temperature cabinets to create a world-class wine storage solution.

2 Individual Temperature Zones

The EWTgw3583 is ideal for smaller wine bottle collections, thanks to its two temperature zones. You will be able to store wine at the correct storage and drinking temperatures for both short and long term periods of time.

What's more, as the EWTgw3583 is part of the Vinidor range, you will receive maximum flexibility of use. The appliance features three wine safes, allowing you to simultaneously keep red wine, white wine and champagne at their optimum serving temperatures. This appliance will also be able to provide the ideal climate conditions for long-term wine storage. What's more, since the wine safes vary in size, and their temperatures can be set with absolute flexibility, these appliances can accommodate any personal selection of wines.

Activated Charcoal Filter

More often than not, environmental odours can affect wines that are stored for longer periods. In a Liebherr wine cabinet, is an active charcoal filter, which will provide optimal air quality and ensure perfect air quality. This filter will only need to be changed once every 12 months and is easily replaceable.

Perfect, Seamless Integration

If you choose to have a built-in, integrated kitchen, the EWTgw3583 is the perfect choice. It will fit easily behind most kitchen door units, to create a uniform look. Plus, thanks to SoftSystem closing technology, if the door is not opened fully after three seconds, it will close automatically, protecting the wine inside.

What's more, the EWTgw3583 will only produce the 34 dB of noise, making it outstandingly quiet - no louder than a whisper and the built-in precision touchscreen controls enhance the minimalist look of the EWTgw3583.

Lots of Useable Space

With a maximum space to store up to 83 Bordeaux bottles and comes with a range of extra features to help provide the best environment possible for your wine collection.

These helpful features include a handy door alarm which will alert you if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of wine and a child lock.

The EWTgw3583 also has an energy efficiency class of 'A' and an annual energy consumption of 162kWh/a, which makes it a perfect choice if you're conscious of your home's energy usage.

A must-have for any minimalist wine-lover's kitchen, the Liebherr EWTgw3583 wine cooler fits exactly into any modern kitchen, storing wine in optimum conditions for perfect enjoyment. Plus, with a two year guarantee on all of Liebherr's state of the art wine coolers, you can enjoy perfectly cooled wine with the peace of mind that whatever happens, your purchase is covered.

When choosing premium wine storage from Liebherr, you'll have loads of choice. Yet, even when you've picked the perfect model for your home, you still require unbeatable customer service and delivery options in Leeds. At EHS Appliances you can get the Liebherr you can get the Liebherr EWTgw3583 with great service and a guaranteed unbeatable price.