In the home appliance industry, Liebherr specialises in the manufacture of fridges and freezers. The CNel4213 Fridge Freezer has a classic design, is practical and is extremely functional, it has a modern, sleek and handleless design which will fit perfectly into any kitchen. It contains a large refrigeration compartment as well as a large freezing compartment, they each contain shelving for east storage and include a bottle rack. 



Extra Features


NoFrost appliances ensure long lasting freshness to products using innovative refriferation technology. The food is frozen with chilled recirculating air whilst removing any humidity in the air. This proccess results in  the freezer being ice free and none of the food will be frosted over. NOFrost techology is banishing the chore of defrosting forever. 



The CNel4213 Fridge Freezer includes accurate and independent temperature control for each the refrigerator compartment and the freezing compartment, through DuoCooling. This process completely separates the cooling circuits and leaves absolutely no air to exchange between the individual compartments. This is benefical as it prevents odours from tranfering into each compartment and stops stored food from drying out. 


Key Electronic Controls 

The LED display is fitted into the appliance with a temperature display which will clearly provide the information about setting that have been assigned. 


Bottle Rack 

A bottle rack is included for storage beverages which is asthetically pleasing as well as extremly practical. All of your bottles can be stored in a compact space ready for you to use whenever you please. 

The appliance also comes with a removable egg holder and an ice cube tray as added extras. You are also able to buy a second bottle rack which will slot into the fridge with ease, as well as a large egg tray, a large ice cube tray, a butter dish and cleaning cloths. 

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