Make quickly creating and reheating meals a breeze, with the built-in MP 676 IX H Microwave from Hotpoint. Incorporating a grill, fan oven as well as microwave cooking it’s an elegant upgrade to your kitchen as well as a huge timesaver. Finished in slick stainless steel it delivers a contemporary look that would look at home in any modern home. 

The versatility on offer with this latest Hotpoint model is its standout feature. A far cry from the microwaves of old, the MP 676 IX H features a range of cooking options and useful methods to help achieve the perfect finish to your meal.

Contained within the 40-litre capacity are the three main cooking modes. Featuring 900w microwave, 1600w grill and a fan-powered heating function. Not content with only delivering three ways to cook meals, Hotpoint has added intelligent features to make using this model simple. 

Selecting from the five automatic functions gives a tailor-made combination of the three cooking methods, changing the amount of heat as needed to achieve the perfect finish. The programmes cater for cooking pasta, pizza, frozen food and ready meals, together with defrosting.

Dynamic Steam is designed to give the ideal texture to fish and vegetables, by adjusting the humidity throughout the cycle to keep the foods shape, colour and texture. This makes it the ideal choice for creating healthier meals and ensuring you get the maximum nutrition from your meals. 

By setting the microwave to the optimum cooking conditions for the most popular foods the MP 676 IX H helps achieve perfect results. Everything from pizza to ready meals everything is cooked to perfection every time, and with minimal effort.